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About Methuen
Methuen Massachusetts is a community of 40,000 people located in the Lower Merrimack Valley. Voters in Methuen amended the town charter in 1993 to enact a mayor and 9 city councilors form of government. Although a city government, the community wishes to be known as "The Town of Methuen".

Industrial wealth is seen today in the mill buildings and also in the estate and civic architecture of Methuen's millionaires. The granite walls and turrets that extend through central Methuen are outstanding features and monuments to the millionaire benefactors as well as to the immigrant laborers who erected them 100 years ago.

Methuen combines suburban sub-divisions and urban neighborhoods with farm settings. Methuen Mall is a regional shopping center and Methuen's industrial parks are home to many large and prominent companies. Residents of Methuen believe that their community has something for everyone.

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Teen Capture the Flag

It's time to have some outdoor fun. Teens in grades 7-12 are welcome to come to the library for a high energy game of capture the flag. Teens will be divided into two teams and fight to keep their flag safe from the opposing team. The event will be held outside, weather permitting, so be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you don't mind getting a little dirty, and bring sunscreen and bug spray as you see necessary. Water will be provided.
Location: Great Hall

When: Jun 23, 2015 3 PM to Jun 23, 2015 5 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Tue, 23 Jun 2015 15 )
Unleash Your Creativity with Sharon Morley

Join Nevins Library in welcoming International award winning artist, Sharon Morley, as she talks about the creative
process and helps you to think about your creativity and passion for the arts.

Sharon will answer questions about what has worked for her and share her resources with you.

Contact the Reference Desk at 978-686-4080 x12 for more information

Location: Garden Room

When: Jun 23, 2015 7 PM in Methuen, Massachusetts (Tue, 23 Jun 2015 19 )
Teen Movie Night

Teens in grades 7-12 are welcome to join us for a fun night at the movies. Snacks and drinks will be provided as we watch a newly released movie. Starring Mae Wittman and Bella Thorne in this high school comedy is based on the popular book by Kody Keplinger.
Location: Garden Room

When: Jun 18, 2015 6 PM to Jun 18, 2015 8 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Thu, 18 Jun 2015 18 )
Hannah Conference

The When Hannah Prayed Conference for women is a movement for New England that began in the living room of our founder. Dr. Smith has always had a desire to minister to the lost, the rejected, the abused, the unwanted, and the invisible woman. The When Hannah Prayed Conference reminds women that just like Hannah, there is promise inside of them but they must believe, they must be determined, they must hope and above all be resilient enough to not quit until the promise is birthed. Abigail AndinoNew Beginnings CathedralPastor HOW Hearth of Worship Ministry GroupFlowing Rivers InternationalWorship Lashonda LewisFaith Covenant Fellowship MinistriesWorship Singer Dr. Terika SmithFlowing Rivers InternationalPastor Evadney Smith17th Street Church of GodReverence Carol TerreroFuente de SalvacionWorship Singer

When: May 29, 2015 7 PM to May 30, 2015 10 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit for pricing. (Fri, 29 May 2015 19 )
LEGO Block Party (K to 4th grade)

Come create anything you wish using our new LEGOS. There are 10,000 pieces to choose from as you put together your masterpiece. We will take a picture of you and your creation before you leave. All LEGOS must stay at the library so we may offer this program throughout the year.
Location: Garden Room

When: May 28, 2015 4 PM to May 28, 2015 5 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Thu, 28 May 2015 16 )
Steve Blunt in Concert (ages 4 to 8 )

Families with children who are 4 to 8 years old are invited to sing along and dance to a variety of traditional and original music performed by award winning musician Steve Blunt. Take a break from your busy schedules and enjoy an afternoon filled with music! Please register online or by calling the Childrens Department at 978-686-4080 ext. 26 to attend the concert.

This program is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant, CFDA # 84.287
Location: Garden Room

When: May 27, 2015 4:15:00 PM to May 27, 2015 5:15:00 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Wed, 27 May 2015 16:15:00 )
New England B2B Networking Group Event in Methuen, MA
The New England B2B Networking Group will be hosting an exclusive networking event on June 3rd in Methuen, MA at Sage Bank located at 213 Broadway. The event is from 8am to 9am with a $20.00 admissionfee.Because space is limited to 10 people with no overlap of professions, you must register on Eventbriteif you would like to attend. No walk in registration is available. Each person will receive a few minutes to discuss their business followed by open networking. Coffee will be served. The New England B2B events focus on the B2B or Commercial market. The types of professions that attend include, but are not limited to: realtors, mortgage officers, attorneys, cpa's, financial planners, payroll companies, commercial lenders, commercial realtors, commercial insurance, coaches, health insurance companies, marketing and IT companies, business coaches, internet service providers, printers, promotional products, recruiters, HR Firms, CFO for hire, mobile phone providers, tradesmen. If you don't see a ticket for your occupation please email me at The great thing about these events are the attendees change each month. There are no attendance requirements and you are always meeting new people. I would like to thank Ric Beaudoin from Sage Bank for hosting this event. Please visit their website at To learn more about the New England B2B Networking Group please and to see a list of upcoming events please visit our website

When: Jun 3, 2015 8 AM in Methuen, Massachusetts (Wed, 03 Jun 2015 08 )
Making Memories
Note: strollers are not allowed in the auditorium due to fire dept. regulations.

When: Jun 20, 2015 11 AM in Methuen, Massachusetts (Sat, 20 Jun 2015 11 )
Making Memories
Note: strollers are not allowed in the auditorium due to fire dept. regulations.

When: Jun 20, 2015 2 PM in Methuen, Massachusetts (Sat, 20 Jun 2015 14 )
Troubadours & Troublemakers

Troubadours and Troublemakers: The Music and Politics of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan

This presentation will examine three of the greatest protest singers of the twentieth century: Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan.
Using recorded music, film clips and still images, we will take an American journey through history and geography. We will start by using music to examine the social and economic conditions of the Great Depression as we follow Woody Guthrie through the Dust Bowl. We will then travel across the United States as Woody works his way to New York City where we meet Peter Seeger. We'll leave Woody to follow the travels of Pete as he sings his way through the American heartland, World War II, McCarthyism, the Civil Rights movement and the 1950s folk revival where we meet Bob Dylan. We will then leave Pete to examine Dylan's songs that outlines the social and political conditions in the 60s. We will examine Dylan's evolution to rock and roll and end with his classic performance at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.
Location: The Great Hall

When: Jul 30, 2015 7 PM to Jul 30, 2015 8 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Thu, 30 Jul 2015 19 )
Tarot Card Instruction with Sally Cragin

Sally Cragin will present a fun and interactive class on basic Tarot Card reading skills.

Sally is a longtime astrology writer whose books include "Born on the Cusp," for people whose birthdays are at the end or beginning of a sun sign and "The Astrological Elements," a general-interest book on astrology helpful to beginners published by Llewellyn Worldwide. Both books have been sold to numerous countries overseas including India, Russia, Canada, British Virgin Islands, the Czech Republic and Estonia. Her column Moon Signs was carried in the Boston Phoenix newspaper chain for 17 years.
Location: Garden Room

When: Jul 9, 2015 7 PM to Jul 9, 2015 8:25:00 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Thu, 09 Jul 2015 19 )
What's My Dog Thinking?

Talk by dog obedience expert Tracie Lalibertie.
Location: Garden Room

When: Jul 22, 2015 7 PM to Jul 22, 2015 8 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Wed, 22 Jul 2015 19 )
Thursday Evening Book Discussions
Spring Series: Africa -- Colonialism & BeyondThe history of Africa has been overshadowed over the last 200 years by the European colonization that dominated all parts of the continent. This is a huge story, and one that is often not very well understood by Americans. We take a very brief look at the experience of Africa from the perspective of colonialism and its effect on blacks and whites.

Toight's selection: Dont Lets Go to the Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller
This is an intensely moving journey through a white African girl's childhood. Fuller was brought up in Africa during the Rhodesian civil war (1971-1979), a world where children over five learned how to load a rifle, clean all the guns in the house, and shoot-to-kill. The narrative focuses on the wartime relationships between blacks and whites through a child's watchful eyes.

When: Jun 4, 2015 7 PM to Jun 4, 2015 9 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Thu, 04 Jun 2015 19 )
Book Babble

Our final meeting of the year is going to be a big one! We will be voting on books to read next year (when we start back up in September), having a celebration for the graduating seniors, feasting over pizza and soda, and (if we have time), discussing Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern:

Born with cerebral palsy, Amy can't walk without a walker, talk without a voice box, or even fully control her facial expressions. Plagued by obsessive-compulsive disorder, Matthew is consumed with repeated thoughts, neurotic rituals, and crippling fear. Both in desperate need of someone to help them reach out to the world, Amy and Matthew are more alike than either ever realized.
When Amy decides to hire student aides to help her in her senior year at Coral Hills High School, these two teens are thrust into each other's lives. As they begin to spend time with each other, what started as a blossoming friendship eventually grows into something neither expected.

Come join the fun and especialy help plan our book list for next year!

This is open to everyone in grades 7-12 - new members are always welcome!!
Location: The Study Room

When: Jun 4, 2015 7 PM to Jun 4, 2015 8 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Thu, 04 Jun 2015 19 )
Adult Scrabble Club

Attention Wordsmiths! Join us for a fun night of Scrabble. All competition levels welcome and light refreshments will be served.

When: May 27, 2015 6 PM to May 27, 2015 8 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Wed, 27 May 2015 18 )
St. Basil's Annual K?Walk (Team Neil)
The St. Basil's Annual K?Walk is on Sunday, June 22, and we need your help and support. Reflecting on the disciples walking with Jesus on the Road to Emmaus while not recognizing him after His resurrection and glorification;  that??s the challenge for all of us as Christians: to walk with Jesus and to recognize Him in all His encounters with us countless times every day. We continue this theme, Walking With Jesus, as the theme for K?Walk. The ??K?? of K?Walk is for Koinonia, the Greek word for Community.  Holy Liturgy will be offered at 9:30am in the Saint Joseph Chapel at the Center. The walk itself begins at 11:00am, starting and ending at the Center. The route is 7km, approx. 4 miles. The completion of the walk is topped off with fellowship and barbeque. To make the day even more special, we invite you to dedicate your walk in memory of a friend or family member that has gone to glory. Celebrate their life as you walk with Jesus and the St. Basil Community. We need your help and support. We are counting on you. With the skyrocketing food and energy costs, St. Basil's can barely keep up with their expenses. Any donation is welcome! Thank you! #Decolores ~Neil DeLuca Cursillo 469

When: Jun 22, 2015 9 AM in Methuen, Massachusetts (Mon, 22 Jun 2015 09 )
Storytime for 2 year olds

Join us for our morning storytime to explore the library with stories, songs, fingerplays and movement activities.

Please register for this event.
Location: Garden Room

When: Jun 2, 2015 10 AM to Jun 2, 2015 10 AMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Tue, 02 Jun 2015 10 )
Storytime for 3 to 5 year olds

Join us at storytime to explore the library with stories, songs, fingerplays and a simple craft activity.
Location: Garden Room

When: May 28, 2015 1 PM to May 28, 2015 2:15:00 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Thu, 28 May 2015 13 )
Avapalooza 2016

[This is a placeholder for updated content]

Avapalooza is an annual event inspired by Avalanna Routh [link to About Avalanna], who touched so many people before losing her brave fight against AT/RT [link to About ATRT], a deadly form of brain cancer. Last year over 500 people participated in Avapalooza and raised $126,000 for pediatric cancer. Help us reach our 2015 goal of $200,000!

When: Jun 4, 2016 9 AM to Jun 4, 2016 9 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit for pricing. (Sat, 04 Jun 2016 09 )
Cookbook Book Club

Cookbook Book Club

Check out a copy of the selected book at the Main desk, pick a recipe (email the title to me so we can avoid duplicates) and prepare it for the program. We'll sample lots of good food, talk about what worked, what didn't, how to make it easier & healthier.

Any questions? Email or call the Main desk 978-686-4080 ext. 16
Location: The Great Hall

When: Jun 16, 2015 7 PM to Jun 16, 2015 8 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Tue, 16 Jun 2015 19 )
Teen Improv Games

Improv is the art of acting without any sort of preparation. Everything comes off the top of your head, in the spur of the moment. Teens in grades 7-12 are invited to play games that will have you playing along with the random moments that improv brings. Think you have what it takes?

* Snacks and drinks will be provided.
Location: Garden Room

When: Jun 9, 2015 3 PM to Jun 9, 2015 5 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Tue, 09 Jun 2015 15 )
Craig LaGrassa

When: May 30, 2015 8 PM in Methuen, Massachusetts (Sat, 30 May 2015 20 )
GLBT Book Discussions
Book discussions are held at the Library on Thursday evenings 7-9pm. Books are available one month prior to the discussion. You may pick up books at the previous meeting, or you may get them at the Main Desk anytime the Library is open. Please bring your library card to the meeting to check books out. In the case of cancellation for bad weather or any other reason, the meeting will be held on the following Thursday evening. Cancellation information is posted on the Librarys voice mail, and announced on WCCM-Radio. Additional Book Discussion information is available on our website at . All books announced in this flyer are tentative, based on availability of multiple copies. To confirm dates, book selections, or for more information call the Library at 978-686-4080 ext. 10.

The Nevins Library GLBT group is open to any adult (18+) who is interested in reading quality fiction, non-fiction and biography on GLBT topics and themes or by gay/lesbian authors.

Tonight's Selection: The Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham
This elegant and haunting new novel also examines the relationships among siblings and in-laws. In this story, Barrett Meeks is a poetically-minded man in his late thirties who has just been dumped by his boyfriend via text message. He moves in to share a Brooklyn apartment with his older brother, Tyler and Tylers wife, Beth.

When: Jun 11, 2015 7 PM to Jun 11, 2015 9 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Thu, 11 Jun 2015 19 )
Memorial Race 13.1/10k/5k/1k Virtual Run Challenges & Extra Medals.

When: May 26, 2015 12 AM to May 31, 2015 12 AMin Methuen, Massachusetts (Tue, 26 May 2015 00 )
Outdoor vehicle presentations on the beautiful grounds of the Methuen Memorial Music Hall. Food and music. Music Hall open for music on the famous pipe organ

When: Jun 28, 2015 4 PM in Methuen, Massachusetts
Cost: $10 suggested registration fee/ donation (Sun, 28 Jun 2015 16 )
Craig LaGrassa

When: Jun 20, 2015 8 PM in Methuen, Massachusetts (Sat, 20 Jun 2015 20 )
ASPE Boston #25 Annual 2015 Golf Outing

-Registration starts at 8am

-Shotgun start at 9am

-Scramble format

- Dinner will be served immediately following the golf tournament

-Golf includes cart, greens fees, continental breakfast, and dinner

This is ASPE Boston Chapter #25's annual outing to help raise funds for scholarships and education.

Join your colleagues, bring a co-worker or a client and enjoy the day!

When: Jun 8, 2015 8 AM to Jun 8, 2015 3 PMin Methuen, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit for pricing. (Mon, 08 Jun 2015 08 )
Amanda Cote
Jules By The Water is a beautiful destination in Methuen- top notch food, beautiful atmosphere, and live music provided by yours, truly. :). 8-11

When: Jul 31, 2015 8 PM in Methuen, Massachusetts (Fri, 31 Jul 2015 20 )

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